PolyGod Seed Round

2 min readAug 6, 2021

PolyGod Double Tokens

PolyGod will issue two tokens, one with a fixed supply called $GULL, which means coin in Greek, and one with a mint ability named $MYNT, which means gold in Greek.

$GULL Token

The GULL token will have a fixed supply of 150,000,000 GULL which will be sold in seed and launch as a deflationary token that it’s value will increase over time.

$MYNT Token

The MYNT token will have a stealth launch, and it will be classified as a mineable token that will allow users to mint $MYNT utilizing their NFTs and will be used to play the PVP game and reward the winners.

GULL coin logo

Seed phase

In the seed phase we will distribute 30,000,000 Tokens priced at $0.05 each, seeking $1,500,000 the proceedings will be used mainly for the LP launch, game development and marketing initiatives.

Seed Public

PolyGod will be offering 9,000,000 GULL at $0.06 each, the proceedings will be utilized in a massive marketing effort for thee PolyGod launch, as well as for game development.


PolyGod will be providing liquidity to 8,400,000 GULL on Pancakeswap, and 2,100,000 GULL will be provided and bridged to the Polygon network in the weeks preceding the release of the simulated version of the game.

Token Farming

The seed of the $MYNT will be in a form of farming, users will deposit their USDT or $GULL into the pool and get rewarded with $MYNT tokens, around 0.15% of the total volume on the PolyGod game exchange.




PolyGod is a virtual game based on the polygon blockchain that will allow players from all over the world to acquire NFT and battle each other in a 2-10 minute.