PolyGod Clans

2 min readSep 29, 2021

Get ready for an epic rivalry! A whole community competing for honor, glory and amazing rewards!

Two clans. One goal.

- Arven Fra Krig or Legacy Of War Soldiers that chose to inherit the patrimony of the warriors of the north and will fight till their last breath to preserve their legacy. Beware, oh wanderer, of setting foot in their lands!

- Erobrerne or The Conquerors They know of only one thing: Total annihilation of whoever stands in their way. They dream of pain, they stare in the eyes death, observing from a far the great gates of Valhalla!

In order to join a clan’s council, signing up for the rewards, a community member ($GULL holder) will have to buy a Skald NFT for 0.2 BNB , and they’ll have to do it fast, as these are limited to only 100. This NFT will have to renewed every 6 months. Both clans will do their best to create in-game features. Clansmen/women will be able to discuss future plans on their clan’s own discord channel and strategize in order to secure their victory.


A clan will consist of supporters from the community, and a council of 50 Skalds.
A Skald is a member of council, he has access to the clan’s discord channel, takes part in the decision making process and has to contribute to his clan’s efforts. Each quarter, the Skalds will elect a Jarl from within their ranks.
The Jarl will act as the head of council and leader of the clan.


At the deadline, both councils will have to face the community’s decision and present what they have achieved. A community member’s influence is proportional to the amount of $Gull they hold. The more $Gull you own, the more your vote counts. The proportion of the rewards given to each clan will directly mirror the voting percentages.

Overlevelse av de sterkeste

Survival of the Fittest. There’s safety in numbers, but don’t you be a burden. At the end of each month, the least productive members will be left behind and expelled. As the clan shrinks, the rewards received by the remaining members will increase.

These clans will live on to be a feature of the game after it launches. Stay tuned if you want to know more, and choose your clan wisely!


A pool will be comprised of 1% of the $GULL transfer fees and will serve as the reward. All council members or Skalds receive an equal share of the prize rewarded to their clan. The Jarl gets an extra 50% in recognition of his hard work.




PolyGod is a virtual game based on the polygon blockchain that will allow players from all over the world to acquire NFT and battle each other in a 2-10 minute.